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4ohm centre speaker into amp that only supports 6-16 ohms (kef q95c)

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by maxb_1236, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. maxb_1236


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    Thanks to everyone who has responded to any of my previous daft questions, and who I haven't said thanks to - but I'm afraid I need to call on your collective wisdom again...

    I've got a denon 1603 amp which says it can support speakers with an impedance between 6ohms and 16ohms. However, I'm looking for a budget speaker package, and I've found a good deal on a pair of kef q3's, which would take up a lot of my budget, but I would quite like them. However, there is no way I can affod the q9c centre as well, and I've read on here in many threads that its important to have a matching centre. I was wondering therefore about using an older model kef centre, such as the q95c - as I have seen second hand ones that are well within my budget. However, the q95c only has an impedance of 4 ohms.

    I was wondering if there is any way I could still use it - if an adaptor is availiable, or if it would still be safe to use as long as I dont to the volume up to much.

    I would really appreciate any advice on this, or if you know of any other centre speakers that would match the q3's and can be picked up quite cheaply.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Reiner

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    Jul 16, 2000
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    No adapters or similar are needed or available but I don't think it's a problem, in particular if it's only the center speaker. The manufacturer just plays safe by stating 6-16 Ohm.
    If still in doubt, run the center speaker as small, this will reduce the load.

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