4m x 4m (14 x 14ft) room - 37" or 42"?


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Hi guys,

I'm finally upgrading my tv and going for a large screen, currently only have a relatively tiddly 28"er. The room size is approx 4 x 4m and I'm unsure whether to go for a 37" or 42" panny PV500.

I'm finding it difficult to tell instore as you can't really get any perspective in a showroom of how it will be in my room and I don't want it to end up swamping the room.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


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My room is 15*12 with a bay window. I had the same thoughts, 37 or 42, went for a 42phd8 and glad i did. It's surprising how quickly you get used to it. My wife likes it, even says the size is right. We have gone from 32" CRT to 42" PDP but mass down from 65kg to 38kg, looking at it that way you create room not take it.

If you're anywhere near Heathrow you are welcome to come see.




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I had a 50" in my room, long story, which also started out being 4m x 4m until I built a storage unit along one side...I now have a 6ft image courtesy of my PJ

For films and games it was excellent but for day-to-day TV viewing I think a 42"/43" would have been more appropriate.

How are you getting on with your PHD8 Andy ? can't decide between one of these or a 40" LCD but have been plauged by noisy buzzing from my previous plasmas (one Pioneer, 1 Panasonic) but I think that's more down to me and my hyper-sensitive hearing at that pitch.

Cheers, Lee


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hi mate currently have a 37 and an identical room size... if wall mounting id say 42 (thinking of upgrading myself) but stand mounted it does look a good size!


I recommend a 65", no point in half measures! No, seriously, nobody ever finds their screen too big, but quite a few wish they'd bought bigger. 42" will be fine in a 4m x 4m, many people watch them from 3m or less.


I have my 42" PE50 in my family room which is 4 metres x 4 metres. It's on the panasonic cabinet in the corner as wall-mounting would have meant us having to change the layout of the room too much. 42" is perfect, you'd be disappointed with 37". Photo attached (sorry quality is poor, had to downsize to upload), hopefully it's of some help.



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Hi guys,

thanks very much for all the info, particularly the pic billy and thanks for the offer Andy - 42" is definitely the way to go for me then.... now gotta decide between the Pioneer 436xde or the Panny PV500... oh what a terrible position to be in!


How about a 42" from a viewing distance of 6/7'? I want a 42PE50 with the cabinet but my room will be small! Are picture faults exaggerated badly so close?


I view a 42" (JVC PD42DX) from 7feet and it's fine, though you will readily notice when a digital channel has a low bit rate.. DVDs and most channels look great.


dave owen

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We went through the same dilemma, fellow members of this forum advised us to go 42. We did and they were right. Feels like we sit in our own private cinema now - watching TV has never been so addictive. Our viewing distance is about 9'. We are glad we didn't go 37"which was our original intention.

If our viewing distance had been say 6' or 7' then I'd definitely recommend a 37" for TV viewing but for DVD or HD even at 6' a 42" would be OK. I can see at 12' a 50" would be a good choice.

We just got a TH42PE50 and will post pictures as soon as i've taken some.

Thanks to everyone who helped us make our decision.

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