Question 4K60 over ethernet for U4919DW using GTX 1070 Ti


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Hey all.

I have been speaking with tech support over at EZcoo ( using their product called EZ011 (ez-ex70h2l) which is a 4K60 HDMI Extender, 18G/bps HDBaseT extender, IR+POE pass through that supports HDMI 2.0 [email protected] 4:4:4 8bit, HDR and HDCP 2.2 up to 130ft via Cat5e/6a/7 cable.

I've been going back and forth with the company trying to figure out why my PC monitor, which is the Dell 49" Ultra Wide U4919DW, does not seem to be seen by it once hooked up to my NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GPU card. However, if I connect the monitor straight from the GPU to the monitor via a HDMI cable then it works as expected so I can rule out the GPU not being able to push the monitor.


On the receiver the
  • -WORK blinks off/on
  • -LINK is solid
  • -SIGNAL is off.
On the transmitter the

  • -WORK blinks off/on.
  • -LINK is solid.
  • -STATUS blinks off/on.

So this is what the support tells me to do over a few emails back and forth:

I currently have an issue with the ez-ex70h2l. I don't seem to be getting a signal on the receiver side. Seems the transmitter is working fine.

It seems the signal did not reach the receiver, could you please change another source to test?
Or change another display for test.

I ran a dedicated cat6 cable from the transmitter to the receiver.
I ran another cat6 cable that's in my wall to the receiver.
I swapped HDMI cable to a new one.
I swapped HDMI ports on the monitor.

I then ran a dedicated HDMI cable from my graphics card to the monitor - and it worked.

So I know the monitor works on that input and also that the cat6 cable I'm using is good.

I hooked up a 10" monitor up to the receiver end and it worked fine.

It must be due to something with my monitor - its the Dell U4919DW.

What has to be done in order to get it working on my monitor?

I think we can try to figure out in two way
1. turn on the monitor first before you connect to the receiver.
2. adjust the refresh frequency to 60Hz.

This did not seem to work either.

Dear Sir,
As you said, this is a display problem. All I can think of is to set the monitor to 60Hz.
Maybe you can go to the monitor/graphics board forum to discuss it, maybe you can find the answer

So as you can see it was pretty much a wash for their support to help out with fixing this issue. And of course its already passed my return date in order for me to return the product where I purchased it from....

So here I am on this forum hoping that someone has had the same issue as I have and know of a cure for fixing it so that I can use my PC (which is in another room - a server) with my monitor.

Anyone know of a 8k to ethernet product? Since my monitor can do 5K I would like to replace the current ezcoo with an 8k so that I can take full advantage of my dell monitor. Though I have yet to find any 8k over ethernet products. If I am not able to find a better "over the ethernet" product to replace this one with then I will have to tear up my wall(s) in order to run a fiber line in its place so that I can get this without issue. I was just hoping I would be able to do all of this with an ethernet wire since my office had a few of them in the wall already.

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Pretty common issue when you insert a device between a PC and a Display you often end up with EDID being interrupted and get no image on the Display - the HDFury Dr HDMI (1080p/HDCP1.4) or Dr HDMI 4K (2160p/HDCP2.2) are both good options to stick on the Output of the PC and ‘fool’ the PC by mimicking your Display and isolating the PC from the Extender.

Some Extenders are better than others for PC use - HDFury have the Maestro which is a multi purpose Switch/Matrix/Extender with onboard EDID management.



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I would say your answer is in your first sentence - it’s an Ultrawide monitor therefore no -standard EDID. Its totally unrecognised by the receiver. It’s resolution Is 5120 x1440 those boxes are not designed to pass that kind of signal.


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It’s not a case of 5k or 8k over Ethernet. The problem is that EDID uses libraries of standard resolutions and are designed for AV equipment. The resolutions that you are trying to use are not standard AV resolutions and are not likely to be in the EDID library. Your only real solution here is Hybrid Fibre. If you want to use an over Ethernet solution you will likely have to ditch the monitor.

Joe Fernand

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You have to be clear about your expectations when you look at ‘over CAT’ Extenders - ‘supported’ always mans ‘compressed’, so even if you could find a device which ‘supported’ an 8K signal it would be heavily compressed.



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Hi StealthRT,

Did you ever figure out a solution to this issue? I have the exact same problem (Dell U4919) and an AMD VII card; when I plug in straight with HDMI, I'm able to get the screen to display my desktop, but using a (pretty decent) 4k extender yields a black screen and "no video signal over HDMI" message. Per Joe's information above, I did a little research, and found the following:

"Switching to lower primary resolution for HDMI 1.4
Dell U4919DW monitor is factory defaulted at HDMI EDID with 3 Block (Detailed Timing Descriptor) to support 5120 x 1440 @ 60Hz. To display a resolution of 3840 x 1080 @ 60Hz or lower, you need to switch the monitor HDMI EDID from 3 Block to 2 Block.

Remove all input cables from the monitor
Press and hold Button 3 and Button 4 for 5 seconds
A message box will appear. Select Enable to switch to lower primary resolution
If you wish to display 5120 x 1440 resolution over HDMI again, you need to switch the monitor back to HDMI EDID 3 Block. Follow Steps 1 & 2, and Select Disable."

I know it's not ideal, since that won't provide max resolution over ethernet, but my understanding is that most HDMI over ethernet solutions are limited to 18gb throughput, for a max of 3840x1080.

On that note, maybe Joe or others have information related to a 4k extender that supports "3 block EDID"? (Assuming that's a thing?)

Also, have you looked into DisplayPort over fiber? Idk if your environment would permit, but you can buy a 50ft-100ft DP over fiber cable for around the same cost as a (good) 4k HDMI extender... that would (theoretically) allow for 5k signal (but you'd have to run from your computer to the display directly). Hope this helps!

Joe Fernand

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theeditr4004 - you should be able to achieve 4K UHD over a CAT cable with a suitable Extender - albeit they pretty much all have to apply some form of signal compression with the highest bandwidth signals.

Which HDMI Extender are you trying out?

Can you have a Dual monitor set up to enable you to adjust the Video Output on the 'extended' Output whilst keeping an image on the desktop screen?

Many HDMI 'Extenders' will be 'limited' to HDTV resolutions so some of the desktop modes your PC and PC monitor are capable of may not be supported - you would need to look for an Extender which states it supports the format you wish to use.

An HDFury Dr HDMI 4K 'EDID Manager' may be required between the PC and the Extender TX - you may find the PC is simply not 'seeing' a connected Display, you often have to ensure the TX or EDID manager device has an 'always on' EDID mode.


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