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I have a question on the Samsung (NU8000) 4K Upscaling does anyone know how to disable the 4K Upscaling, in the service menu? With this TV when I turn to a 4k channel, my eyes can't tell any difference, in my Samsung 7 series I could see a world of difference between the 4K channels and HD channels.

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Your TV has to upscale any signal it gets that isn't 4K. otherwise you'd end up with huge black bars all around the picture.

If you have some other device that can upscale the content before it gets to the TV, then enable upscaling on it and the TV won't do it.

If you disabled the upscaling on a 4K TV and fed it a 1080p signal you'd see this.


I'll take a wild guess you don't want that, so the TV upscales it to fit.

Your 7 Series was a near top of the range model, your current TV is a budget model.

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That is the resolution.

1080p is 1/4 of the resolution of 4K so if your TV didn't upscale it you'd have black bars all around the frame.

Unless you feed a 4K TV a 4K signal, whether that's a native signal or one upscaled by another source it's going to upscale everything. If it didn't you'd end up with the picture I posted above.

4:3 to 16:9 either involves cropping the top and bottom of the frame off and zooming in on the bit that's left. That would fill the entire TV picture or stretching it horizontally so everyone looked all fat, which would fill the TV picture.

If you play a 4:3 TV show on your 16:9 4K screen and don't manipulate it, it still fills the entire screen vertically and has large black bars on the sides.
How does it fill it vertically?
It upscales it. That's what TVs do.

Your HD Ready TV upscaled DVD and SD broadcast TV to 720p and fills the screen.
Your 1080p TV upscales DVD and SD broadcast TV to 1080p and fills the screen.
A 4K TV upscales DVD, SD Broadcast TV, 1080p broadcast TV, 1080p streamed content and 1080p Blurays to ..... 4K.

If it didn't, it wouldn't........

Fill the screen.
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