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I have a 2013 Samsung UHD TV. The HDMI 2.0 upgrade is available for a fair old whack (~£400). HDMI 2.0 is still disappointingly limited. The spec of the 2014 TVs do not even list 1080p120 (or 60/60 stereoscopic), let alone those kind of numbers at 4k.

I think the sweet spot in quality and framerate may be 4k, side by side, 60hz. But I'm only guessing how those settings interact, so if anyone can confirm any details that'd be very helpful.

How do Active Shutter TVs generally manage side by side pictures? I guess they upscale each image to the full panel and alternate them? If you have a 60hz side by side image does it display 30frames for each eye (alternating which half it shows, effectively dropping half the data), or does it make use of the 120hz panel to display the left and right side one after the other (like frame packing but lower image quality)?

If anyone knows such things or even thinks they can have a good guess please share...


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For side-by-side content, each frame is split into its left and right images and rescaled to the proportions of the panel before being displayed (as is currently the case today regardless of the type of 3D display). You lose half the horizontal resolution doing this of course.

I'm guessing it's theoretical at the moment, but presumably on a 120Hz-capable active panel it would show 60fps (i.e. 120Hz) 3D content sequentially as you'd expect: L1,R1,L2,R2,L3,R3,....,L59,R59,L60,R60 i.e. it should fit perfectly into the maximum framerate of the panel with no repeated or dropped frames.


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Thanks for the answer.

I hope it does as you say... 4k60 frame packed is not an option (and wouldn't be practical even if the TV could take it), but 4k60 side by side could be very appealing. Half the horizontal detail is still 2x the overall detail of frame packed 1080, and as far as I can tell HDMI 2.0 still limits 1080p framepacking to 30hertz (though i don't know why) so 4k60 SBS could be my best option for both detail and motion.


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I just checked the F9000 manual and apparently it supports 4k sbs at 30hz already. I can do some testing with that and get some of my own answers. If the TV does split each frame in 2 (ie displays 30 for each eye) then this should already be a good boost over 1080p30 frame packing.

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