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Hi there

As part of some home renovation work about 5 years ago now, I put in AV/Networking having everything under the stairs in a central point - This included running 3 x Cat6 to the box of each TV, and a long HDMI cable to each (approx 15 meters). From a 1080p perspective, everything has worked flawlessly, but having recently upgraded to a 4K TV, and now running a Zappiti box for media, I want to look at options for pushing 4K over the Cat 6 cabling I have in place. Of the 3 Cat 6 connections, one is into the back of the TV leaving me with 2 spare if required.

Having looked online I'm unsure as to what I need exactly, and reviews seem to be mixed at best. The Cat 6 I have in place is terminated with RJ45 connections at each end, and there is nothing in the way of patch panels/Switches etc in the middle of it.

Does anyone have any recommendations on 4K baluns to use - Not to fussed about having IR control added in - Just wanting to be able to take advantage of 4K and seeing if I can push that across the Cat6.



Joe Fernand

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4K over CAT is possible, though most of the Extenders on the market have to use some form of compression with a 4K UHD signal; some claim ‘visually lossless’ and do a great job of masking the compression.

There are a very few new HDBT 3.0 Extenders which avoid compression - though very new and high cost.

You don’t mention if you require features such as HDR, VRR, DV etc!

You also don’t mention your audio requirements!

Have you considered simply placing the streaming Source closer to the TV?

Happy to suggest Extender options if you want to drop me a PM.



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Hi Joe

Thanks for the response - Moving TVs/Sources isn't an option unfortunately, so I've really got to work what what I have in place at the moment

4K wise - HDR ideally. I'm also running 5.1 surround sound - Current connectivity goes Zapitti <> AVR <> Long HDMI <> TV

The long HDMI is fine for 1080p/5.1 but obviously everything above fails to show a clear picture.


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