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Hello folks, trying to see if new PC can do 4k to 55" C9 Oled via Denon receiver for full audio and 1080p is fine but I seem to have a spot of bother setting it to 4k as I wait for a cable to go back to a PC monitor which I hope using the denon as a passthrough wont interfere with as I want the audio over hdmi.

Anybody more experienced with receivers and this situation able to lend a hand, I tried it with a 670GTX I have which does 4k on the TV direct just fine but receiver is a no go but I thought it was possible.

Got a 3080FE coming on monday and another 5m cable for the return trip from Receiver to Monitor so any tips and whatnot between now and then would be fantastic.


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Option 1: Check the Denon has 4K mode enabled for 4K 60Hz in its settings.

Option 2: Go to Nvidia control panel resolution section and select use nvidia colour settings,
Ultra HD, HD, SD = 2160p (3840x2160)
colour depth = 32-bit
refresh rate = 60hz
output color depth = 8-bit
output color format = ycbcr 444

If ycbcr 444 fails try 422 and see if that creates a video signal.

Option 3: The Denon is capable of eARC, leave PC direct to the TV.

So you need settings like this on the TV to use eARC.
General->Devices->HDMI Settings->Simplink = enabled
Sound->Advanced Settings->eARC Support = enabled
Sound->Advanced Settings->Select HDMI Input Format = bitstream
Sound->Sound Out->Use Wired Speaker->HDMI (ARC)
Sound->Advanced Settings->Digital Sound Output = Pass-through

That should get you Dolby/DTS 5.1, PCM 7.1, TrueHD 7.1, DTS-HD, you will need latest firmware on TV so be sure to update it.

Option 4: Your GPU should have more than one video output
Run video 1 to the TV use as primary display.
Run video 2 to the Denon AVR
Set Denon AVR as default sound in windows settings.
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Fantastic, will have a look through and test when new card is in.

I was told that I couldn't use a HDMI as just audio out but if this is not the case even better.

Always been hesitant to update firmware if things are running smoothly but will take that into consideration.

Option 1: Check the Denon has 4K mode enabled for 4K 60Hz in its settings.
It does for both standard and enhanced :)
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