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4k Monitor or stick to 1440p


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I can either buy a 27" monitor (Very high spec pixel perfect IPS LED Slim etc etc 120Hz clockable) for around the £280 mark or buy a 4K Samsung for for £100 more.

Think i should wait out for better 4k Panels to come out before commiting?


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Depends what you use your machine for? If you're gaming is your graphics card up to the task of running a 4k screen? I have my eye on that new Samsung 4k monitor myself, do you know the proper release date?


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yup i have dual titans possibly tri sli ploenty of power to run 4 of these if i had to
theyre availibility is off n on but they should be here in june
it will be used for everything the only problem is i want to compare it to a 1440p and then decide which one i want but theres no way of doing that unless i play around with returns policy and hve about 800 to spare which i dont unfortunately.


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Yup saw those - wouldnt go OcUk though although i know loads people do. Can get 100 off their price by going ebay and still get great service as ive done many a times.

AKAIK ocuk stock was on a backlog from reading theitr forums


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OCUK may be expensive but they always have great weekly deals where bargains can be had. Wouldn't be too sure about eBay unless it's a well known retailer. Personally I would go with 1440p as it's still early days for 4k and even with 3/4 graphics cards performance won't be great.


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ebay has quite alot of good retailers and sellers.
the only arguments i can see happening with the current low end 4k range is :
whether it has vesa mount
whether it has speakers
whether it is true 10 bit or 8 bit + boost 2bit (forgot what its called)

everything else is pretty much the same cos at the moment theyre all using that slightly advanced TN panel gotta remember its not like the old TN panels. all are running on 60hz except for the dell which can only manage 30hz and theyre all showing 1ms response time and same 4k resolution etc etc

the only review you wanna see are to make sure they calibrate the monitor and show how they calibrated it cos alot of reviewers tend to review it out of the box and dont even mention colour management etc

i dont understand what you mean by performance wnt be great?
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