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im after a laptop for top notch visuals
i want 4k laptop with plenty of up todate connections i want it to give me the best visuals currently available for under £1200 mark i want it for really showing of the very latest blockbuster movies special effects films and the same for gaming as well

what laptop is currently out there for the price would give me a top notch picture quality at this price

also what is the no1 laptop for the same information i asked for doesnt matter of price
also i want it so i can connect a mobile phone to it and so i can connect headphones as well
i also want the laptop to have top notch sound as well for movies and games as well

also can you connect a subwoofer to a laptop thanks

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That's a lot of questions you're asking and the connection type ones can easily be answered with a search engine once you have narrowed down your buying options and checked the connections each one has for the applications you have in mind.

If you're buying a laptop most of them don't have top quality sound onboard and you pay a premium for the ones that do. Bass is particularly lacking and even if the laptop does have bass it may not be that well controlled.

You would be better off with an AIO or a PC with 4k monitor and separate speakers and either of these options would be a lot cheaper than a laptop.

£1200 is at the very low end for top quality sound, a 4k (3840 x 2160) UHD screen and gaming brand new, I think you're going to struggle to find what you want. £1500 to 2000+ is more realistic for an Intel 9th/10th gen i7 H-series (i.e. an H suffix rather than a U following the model number) or AMD Ryzen 4000 H-series mobile gaming CPU and mid-end dedicated graphics cards.

What size laptop are you looking for? What is/are the source/s for the 4k movies you want to watch, will you be doing any streaming? What specific games are you playing and how often do you play them? Which type of connections is it you're after and for what purpose? What will you be using the laptop for in order of priorities?

Will you be carrying the laptop around all the time or will it be primarily static? Will you want a numeric keypad? What size SSD or do you want both SSD & HDD and if so size of each?

I haven't even mentioned refresh rates, something else to take into consideration depending on your priorities and price point.

I'm puzzled as to why you want to know the best laptop regardless of price. At the extreme top end there are different size laptops for different specialist applications. You'd need to be specific.
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For best quality from the latest films you likely want lots of HDR capability. I haven't kept up with the latest high end laptops I know the technology for it elsewhere is often fairly power hungry so I wouldn't be surprised to find laptops being fairly conservative in that area, especially greater brightness range.

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