Question 4K HDR Splitter, Downscaler with Digital Optical ?


Recently got a 4K HDR TV (Samsung UN8000) as my AVR (Pioneer VSX-924) doesnt support HDR it has made my Capturing setup completely redundant. I previously had all my consoles connected up to the AVR with output 1 going to my old TV and output 2 going to my capture card, as i can no longer use my AVR where HDR devices are involved i need to find an alternative in the form of a splitter.

The splitter needs to be:

Have a downscaler: send 4K to TV and 1080p to capture device
Audio Extractor: either Digital Optical, Coaxial or stereo phono sockets, as my capture card doesnt support 5.1 audio i need to extract the audio form the splitter to send to my Digital to Analog converter (Fiio D07)

I have come across this splitter from EZCOO...

it seems to tick all the boxes but sadly seems to be only sold in the US and im in the UK. I have found this device form XOLORspace/SMARTOOO which is available in the UK....

but sadly doesnt have a audio extractor built in like the EZCOO one does.

Does anyone know of a device that is either available in the UK or Europe that fits my needs or of a simpler way to get stereo from the HDMI if i was to get the XOLORspace/SMARTOOO device above?

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If the Source is 4K HDR with HDCP 2.2 and the capture device is 1080p SDR with HDCP 1.4 you require something which can pass 2160p, HDR with HDCP 2.2 plus simultaneously convert 2160p to 1080p, HDCP 2.2 to HDCP 1.4 and convert HDR to SDR and output the audio to Optical.

The unit you link to cannot down convert HDR to SDR.

It can be done but costs a fair chunk of cash.


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