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Craig uk

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Apologies if it's been done before but I though it would be nice to have a general discussion on picture settings with 4K HDR gaming.

Personally I've found it tricky to get the best results across the board as each game seems to have different quality HDR. Initially I set the PS4 pro to automatically output video settings so resolution RGB range, HDR, and Deep Colour all automatic. I think this is correct. Then made sure the HDMI input was set to 'enhanced format' on my display which is a Sony KD55XD9305. I switched on the PS4 and immediately in the dashboard I was greeted to lovely vivid colours and intense brightness. So far so good. Itching to see what GTsport looked like I fired it up and again super intense brightness and vivid colours completely drenched in colours. Wow I though this is incredible! Happily playing the beta for a few hours I started to notice that the high brightness graphics, mostly whites were just too bright and lacking detail. Also the extreme dark area's looked a little too dark and slightly crushed.

On a side note its important to mention that when the Sony XD93 is fed with a HDR source it automatically sets the picture mode preset to 'HDR video' and cannot be changed, you can of course adjust the setting within HDR video but not the preset itself. So I had a little play with brightness & contrast and improved things slightly. Then I had a look in the menus of GTsport and suddenly realised that I hadn't enabled HDR mode within the game! So I switched it on the screen went black for a second then popped back on. Straight away the image had become more natural, the super intense brightness had gone and colours looked far less drenched but again more natural. Initially the wow factor was lost as it didn't leap off the screen as it was before. After comparing the proper HDR mode (selected in the game) to the non HDR mode I got a sense of what HDR is all about. It's a lot more natural and lifelike. Interestingly the TV was displaying HDR video regardless of what the game was doing, this is because when you set the HDMI to enchanted and the PS4 video output to automatic the TV just assume that's what's coming through and basically just ramps up backlight and colour to the max.

I'm sure there must be other who have experienced similar thing or maybe just not aware of the difference?

So I thought we could have one thread purely for people's optimal TV settings for HDR.
Basically stating make and model then settings. These are not proper calibrated settings they are simply the best results to my eye. Mine are as follows,

Sony KD55XD9305
Picture mode - HDR video (fixed with HDR feed)
Brightness - 42
Contrast - 100
Colour - 52
Gamma - 0
Black Adjust - off
Adv contrast enchancer - mid
Auto local dimming - mid (not adjustable)
Extended dynamic range - high (not adjustable)

Hue - 0
Colour temp - neutral
Adv colour temp - default
Colour space - Auto
Live colour - mid

Sharpness - 50
Reality creation - manual
Resolution- 20
Random noise reduction - off
Digital noise reduction- off

Motion flow - off
Film mode - high.

Something else I've just noticed, on the PS4 pro dashboard I can change the pricture preset to game, or graphics anything I like but when GT sport is loaded up the tv auto switches to HDR video and as I mentioned before is fixed. The only way to unlock this again is to go into GTsports video output settings and disable HDR mode. The other games I've tried are 'Last of us remastered' and 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' they both seem to work the same way.
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