4K HDR 49" PC gaming TV/monitor


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I have read a few of the other threads including Dodge's guide. I wasn't planning to do this yet but this morning my son knocked a glass of water into my old AV receiver and I had to go get a replacement (Yamaha RXA660 which seems fab). This now means it's 4k upgrade time. The screen I would really like is the Samsung UE49KS7000 but it seems to be hard to find one at a good price. My budget is £500-800. It must be able to run @60hz 60fps as I do not want what is essentially a downgrade. I use the screen for PC gaming but will get the Project Scorpio Xbox when released too. Is this the right choice? Anyone got any tips on where the hell I can get one for a decent price (I think they are about to be replaced by a new range but that is out of my price range). I really like Samsung TV's. I have had a few and they have been superb so that is my preference. Help as always is greatly appreciated.

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