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What is the quality of viewing video content from Netflix, VUDU, etc through a 4k console such as Xbox one x or PS4 Pro?

Or is using a dedicated streaming player like Apple TV 4k or Roku more optimized for a quality streaming experience as it pertains to picture quality and such?

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It's pretty much the same video stream being fed to the devices, though there can be some minor differences in the decoding chain but nothing any normal person would notice.

The main thing the AppleTV has is support for match frame rate 24/50Hz output alongside 60Hz and Dolby Vision HDR support.

The PS4 Pro only has HDR10 and not match frame rate other than for it's 1080p Blu-ray drive.

The Xbox One X has HDR10 support, is getting Dolby Vision support later this year, has match frame rate support but individual apps must support it and no-one does.

The other issue with using a game console as your primary media streamer is that the game preset may not be the best image quality preset for the TV so you may want to flick back and forth, this can be a chore depending upon the TV.

Samsung 2018 TV's now support ALLM (auto low latency mode) which removes this issue, you can use cinema preset and when you play a game it auto activates game mode preset but currently only Xbox One consoles support this feature.

So if you are just after streaming box, don't care about games get the AppleTV 4K.
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