Question 4k gaming - BenQ TK810 vs Optoma UHD42 vs Epson TW7000 vs others?

Your opinion for 4k gaming?

  • Optoma UHD42 (UHD50x in US)

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  • Epson TW7000 (3200 in US)

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  • Optoma UHD51

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  • BenQ TK810

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  • Other (please comment)

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Hello, I've been using an Optoma HD141X for 3-4 years before it died on me, and I'm looking to step up to a 4k projector.

While my HD141X was out for repairs (and is now deemed dead), I've been using a loaner BenQ TK810. It's a bit noisy and doesn't look as satisfying with dark games (e.g elite dangerous) as my old one did.
  • Budget: up to maybe £1.4k for a reaaaally enticing factor, otherwise floating around £1.2k.
  • Setup: sitting on a custom shelf behind the sofa (currently has the BenQ sitting on it), pointing at a wall roughly 5metres away.
  • Primary goals: PS4 and eventually PS5 gaming. Regular movie/series watching. Input lag & picture quality.
  • Features:
    • Just plugged in HDMI is fine, with audio out projector -> sound system.
    • I think I'll need keystone correction as it's sitting on a shelf above the sofa back.

The ones I've found and read about so far, in order of what seems most suited (please provide thoughts if in agreement or not):
  1. Optoma UHD42 (UHD50x in the states): high contrast, high refresh rate, very low input lag, high bulb expectancy.
  2. Epson TW7000 (3200 in the states): okay contrast, low input lag, recommended by richer sounds (but I didn't ask about the optoma yet).
  3. Optoma UHD51: not sure, reading more still. Richer sounds has it in stock.
  4. BenQ TK810: currently have this as a loaner device. Contrast is poor, remote isn't working with sound control, it's loud. Hope the others are better.
  5. Viewsonic x10: apparently a high input lag and a very short throw.
Would you have thoughts & recommendations, even for projectors not in this list?

I wanted to use this as an opportunity to step up to 4k, while I understand going sub 1.5k is limiting my options. Thanks!


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I've got the Optoma UHD51 due to arrive in the next few days but it will be weeks before the room is finished for it to be installed. It will mostly be used for movies but I will be using the PS4 Pro (and PS5 eventually) with it so I can give you a view soonish (fingers crossed before Christmas). I'm not a great gamer so I won't be sure if my poor performance is due to input lag or slow fingers!

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