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Question 4K downscaling issues...


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Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can shed any light on an issue i'm having.

I have a centralised system feeding content around the house. My sources include Sky Q, PS4 Pro and a Panasonic UHD spinner amongst other things.

In my main viewing room... I have a Panasonic 60" UHD Oled + a JVC HD 350 1080p projector.

The signal path is as follows:

Source(s) -> Pulse8 Neo Pro4 HDBT Matrix -> HDBT Receiver -> Splitter (HD FURY Vertex and tried a simpler device) -> TV & Projector.

The problem i'm having - is that the projector is not receiving a downscaled image from the splitter - but weirdly... only from the PS4 and BD.... the UHD Signal from SKY Q displays fine...

I've tried everything i can think of, If i play a standard BD, the signal is fine.. so its something to do with UHD - but for life of me i can't get it going.

Any ideas ? I'm wondering if there is maybe a projector setting i need to tweak ? (obviously it doesn't support 4k). The PJ reports an EDID as expected of 1080p.

What has totally thrown me, is that i have SKY Q UHD that works fine, but then 2 other UHD Sources that don't #confused :(



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... come on installers help a man in trouble :) otherwise I’ll have to buy a projector lol


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Not sure I completely follow what you're doing, but I'm wondering if the SkyQ box automatically downscales when it picks up the EDID for your HD350 as being 1080p only. Likewise for the Oppo if you have it set to 'Source direct' mode it will play BD at 1080p which the HD350 will display, but when you play a UHD disc the Oppo will try to output 4K which the HD350 can't accept.

I suspect the only solution will be to change the Oppo to 1080p output before playing a UHD disc and watching on your HD350.

I've no clue about the PS4 though, but maybe something similar to the above.

FWIW I do kind of the opposite to you: I send 4K to my X7500, but downscale to 1080p when watching on my TV. I'm using a Lumagen Radiance Pro to do this though, which isn't a budget solution. Have to say that downscaled and SDR/2020 into my TV looks impressive and doesn't seem to show banding like 1080p sources sometimes do, even if I'm not getting the resolution benefit.


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Thx for the suggestion - I’ll investigate ...


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That's a lot of potential handshake issues, I had a series of splitters going around the house but ended up pulling the lot of them and just using my Amp to split to TV and PJ in main room and to hell with the rest of the (barely used) house, just too much of a headache.
You could get it all working and something new or even a cable could bring it all down


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Yeah - that’s my hunch to be honest - just too much going on. Need to rethink perhaps. Cleanest solution is to update my PJ - but have been holding out for native 4K units to start coming up on the used market .... maybe this is the trigger to make a move.

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