4K Dolby Vision rec.2020 Capable Install Sockets / Pigtails


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It's never easy finding compatible products (believe me, I've tried), and I've actually found one that works (Amazon 1.8m 18Gbps cable + Cable Matters 3m 48GBps cable) ...

It's this eBay listing from York AV:

Feel free to list any other compatible products here ... or not.

I've put this in the DIY installs section, because it's intended for faceplate and custom install specific stuff, not the actual cables involved. Obviously I'm happy for it to be moved to the cables section, but I do think it's better here.

I've tested this on rec. 2020 on the Shield at all refresh rates up to 59.sss hz, and it's played back Spider-Man: Far From Home on my x700 in Dolby Vision mode directly connected to the TV.

This is not an advertisement for the company ... seriously ... because of my inept testing I almost made it a 'don't use these install connectors' post, but full credit, it works.

Happy to attempt other tests ... admittedly at my own pace ... ;-)

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