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4k content over Cat5 or Coax?


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Hi all

Apologies if this has been asked before.....did a search but can't find a specific answer.

2 x LG OLED 4k TV
2 x Panasonic 1080p TV
1 x Samsung LED TV....8 years old!

All TV's are have a single coax AND cat5 point next to them with all the cables running back to a central hub. The CAT 5 is terminated in a patch panel. The coax is terminated into a TV Amp distributor which obviously has the satelitte/aerial coax connected to it. I am planning to move the SKY HD box into the hub so that I can stream SKY content to all TV's.

I want to get the best picture quality at the OLEDs when viewing SKY cinema 4k content. Originally I was looking at the Edison HDMI modulator but that will only send 1080p over the coax. OK I can stream 4k content from Amazon prime over ethernet but I do want to make use of SKY cinema too but not sure if or how I can achieve this?

Thoughts greatly appreciated.


Joe Fernand

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SKY - for UHD you are going to require SKY Q (Silver or Standard box).

SKY - for your FullHD Displays it may be simpler to also consider adding a SKY Q Mini.

'Over CAT' Distribution - an HDBT or HD over LAN multicast solution will work, both have 'limitations' with certain UHD formats, though unlikely that'll be a 'real' problem for you.

Audio Integration - is often tricky unless all Zones support the same range of signal formats (which may require you to add Soundbars to TV Zones).

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