4k Blu Ray not 'playing' DTS Audio


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Ive just replaced my PS4 with a panasonic 4k Blu Ray player but on a new 4K disc the soundbar doesnt play the DTS audio, according to my sounbar (i.e the DTS light isnt lit!)

Setup as follows

Panasonic TX-50DX700B
Panasonic DP-UB150EB-K
Yamaha YAS 207 soundbar

Currently the Sky Q box goes into the soundbar
Sounbar into HDMI ARC on TV
Blu Ray player into HDMI port on TV

The 2 or 3 blu rays ive tried seem to output the sound fine.

Any thoughts - is it possible the TV cant pass DTS audio or perhaps something else?


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Possible. It should be easy to test by connecting the Blu-ray to the soundbar and see if you get dts that way


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Sounds like the issue, but the bar inly supports legacy DTS audio, as I recall, so might not be handling DTS-MA.


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Sometimes you have to select the DTS soundtrack on the DVD player, there should be a button on the remote called audio/sound.

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