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Hi all.
Looking for a 40inch 4k TV to stick in my bedroom.
Will be used to watch streaming services and IPTV.
It will be just off centre of our bed about 3/4 meteres away from eyes.
Dont won't to spend much just enough. £250 seems to be the starting price.
Any recommendations please?


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Thanks for your opinion.
Do you think it will be a waste of money for 4k at that distance. Is that due to the size of screen?
I need 4k to watch some VOD streams available to me.


Its not a waste of money really because UHD models tend not to be more expensive than HD models at this size. You won't be paying more for UHD or anything like that.

All content that is available in UHD will also be available in HD. Sitting so far away from a smaller TV it won't matter if you watch a show in HD or UHD.

What may matter is if you use the TV for poorer quality content. Watching IPTV streams on an UHD model is not going to look as sharp as it would on a HD model as more upscaling has to be done. But if you don't mind that you may find that looks poorer for the sake of being able to show UHD at its native resolution then there's no harm going with an UHD model. As far as you sit from the TV you may not even notice the fact more upscaling has to be done.


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Great reply thanks.
My streams are seldomn poor quality.
Im gona increase my budget to £350 as im likely to keep it for a while.
You mention hisense and Samsung so ill look at them and I'll stick with UHD.


This I think may be the only UHD model available at 40:

They make several different model numbers but they are all the same picture quality, with differences only in features and aesthetics.

If you go up to 43" or larger you get more options including the Hisense A series from 2018 which was well reviewed and the new B series too, both of these are just as good, if not better than the Samsung.

The Hisense B7500 actually has Dolby Vision HDR support which probably makes it the best TV of the lot. HDR will only be acceptable on TVs in this price range and size though if its a Dolby Vision title.

Unless you need wide viewing angles avoid 43" models from other manufacturers.

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