4K 2TB freest box defaults to Channel 101 on start up/from standby, can I change it?

I've just replaced my trusty Humax HDR 1000S freest recorder with the latest Freest 4K 2TB recorder box. All set up fine, set my postcode to receive local news etc but I've found that regardless of what channel I last watched before turning it off or putting into standby, on restart it automatically defaults to channel 101, basically BBC1 regional, North East & Cumbria for me as I'n near Newcastle upon Tyne. A minor irritation, but is there a way to set the auto start up channel to either the lasrt one viewed or a specific channel, such as 106 for BBC HD. I've read the manual and looked for relating forums but haven't found anything, so it may be the start up channel can't be changed. Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions. Many thanks, Lee


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Why are you switching off? That'll mess up the overnight housekeeping/auto retuning updates that happen.

Don't know the answer for this box AKA Arris freesat box... but freesat who designed/specified the UI should be able to help?

101 will become HD BBC One (your region) "by the end of 2022".

Some rumours on other forums, and in the newspapers, suggest on 21st October this year (but I think that unlikely for freesat/$ky as testing would likely need to be ongoing by now for $ky adaptation compatibility and other such processes to complete)?

However I'm no longer 'in the know' and if I were would not be able to tell you.
Thanks Rodders for the HD heads up re: regional going HD, as ITV already does. I don't switch the box off totally, it automatically goes into standby when the TV is turned off, as there's a Yamaha AV amp connected so it's all linked. The former Humax box never had an issue of that ever defaulting to a particular channel, and was put into standby mode automatically when the TV was turned off.

I haven't contacted Freesat yet, but will if users of this website who probably have superior knowledge can't assist.

Previously, I'd turn on the Humax box and it then automatically activated the TV and amp, but now I have to turn on the Freesat box and the TV, the amp then starts when the TV does, so I know/assume I have to assign the new Freesat box somewhere in the link/start up settings, but can''t recall exactly where to find those settings and sign, so any ideas please? I obviously have the TV and amp manuals so will be able to find the info. I think that's the ARC link/setting?

I've never used an optical cable with a freest box connected to the amp, but would you recommend it?

Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions etc. Cheers


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Don't have the Arris made freesat 4k box but a trawl through the Arris thread may find your Qs answered?

HDMI CEC (consumer electronics control) is a very variable feast. Not all brands work well together. Humax were/are notoriously poor at it, in fact.

That the TV turns on/off the amp and does ARC means the TV and amp have it on and working. So the option will be on the freesat box (unless it's a per input setting on the amp?) Assuming the freesat is connected to the amp... if not, and is into the TV check for a per input CEC setting on the TV?
I'll need to make time and investigate how it's all connected, most cables hidden behind TV, in trunking to keep it neat and the amp is in a large cabinet, so not a quick task. Not desperate, but thanks for the suggestions.

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