4k 120hz Splitter - Connecting MU7000 55in to Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip + One Connect


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Hello friends,

I have a 55inch Samsung MU7000. I believe I am looking for a "1 in 2 out splitter" and have a question about if you think it would work, (and where to find the right splitter!).

I have recently purchased the Hue Gradient 55in lighting pack for my TV, but completely forgot about the One Connect setup. Silly me...

I saw online from a recent post that it is possible to integrate the input (e.g XboxSX) with both the One Connect and Hue HDMI Sync Box if you use a "1 in 2 out" splitter.

So the connection would go something like this:

XboxSX ~ Splitter ~/~ One Connect port 1 / Hue Sync Box port 1.

The user reported the ability to retain the magic Samsung remote for switching sources rather than having to use the Sync Box App and lose functionality of the magic remote/TV to just the single Hue Sync Box source.

I would then simply have to set up voice commands with Alexa/Google to align the Hue Sync Box with the feed on the TV. E.g "Alexa turn on hue sync box input 1" (xbox)

Now... Here are my novice question's... :lease:

  1. Is it possible to play my XboxSX at [email protected] with the right 1 in 2 out adapter?
  2. Where is said adapter? :D
  3. If it is not available, what adapter would you recommend that is reliable (guessing 60hz situation); as I would want to purchase 4 of them to replicate the above for each input - unless anyone has another idea or I am of course misunderstood something.
Any opinions and advice gratefully received.

With thanks,

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