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TRY SVP got great prices think the 4 gb is 5.99 and the 8gb is 9.99 maybe a bit on for delivery

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First things first - happy new year to one and all :)

As everything calms down after the holidays and we all start settling into 2008, we've got some exciting pen-drive related news to share...

Slashing The Prices Of USB Flash Drives

Aluminium USB2.0 Flash Drives

The Chinese USB flash drive manufacturers seem to have decided they all owe us a late Christmas pressie, so they've slashed (and I mean slashed) the prices of entry level USB flash drives.

These prices will take months to filter through to many retail environments but because of the way SVP is set up... we can have them now!

Stocks at this price are limited so grab yourself a bargain, then make sure to tell your friends!

1GB: only £2.98
2GB: only £5.99
4GB: only £9.99
8GB: only £19.99

Large Choice Of USB Flash Drive Options...

If you prefer the security of a branded USB flash drive from a name like Kingston, Integral, Freecom, Verbatim or Sandisk, they have new lower prices also!

We've highlighted some of the most popular drives below or you can click here to see the full range

Kingston DataTraveler USB2.0 Flash Drive
Kingston DataTraveler 100 USB2.0 Pen Drives
Kingston DataTraveler ReadyFlash USB2.0 Pen Drives

Kingston's entry-level
pen drive option for the
budget conscious consumer

Capless design, the USB connector hides within the
drive when not in use

Take full advantage of all that Windows Vista has to offer. Enhanced for Vista ReadyBoost

1GB only £4.70
2GB only £9.01
4GB only £15.13
1GB only £5.24
2GB only £9.44
4GB only £15.49
8GB only £45.58
1GB only £13.10
2GB only £22.96

Kingston DataTraveler Reader USB2.0 Flash Drive
Kingston DataTraveler Mini - Migo Edition
Freecom Databar USB2.0 Flash Drives

Standard USB flash drive with an onboard expansion slot to read multiple memory cards

These mini pen drives also let you take your emails and browser settings with you

The newly designed DataBar is even smaller and stronger than the previous version

1GB only £10.03
2GB only £15.13
1GB only £5.28
2GB only £10.39
4GB only £23.82
1GB only £4.11
2GB only £7.10
4GB only £11.44
8GB only £21.78

Integral Courier USB2.0 Pen Drive
Integral Envoy Plus
USB2.0 Pen Drive
Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB2.0 Flash Drives

These extremely popular Integral drives are easily attachable to your keyring

Features a compact slim design and a free metal chain for attaching to your keyring

Slim aluminium design.
Protected with a removeable
clear plastic casing and cap

1GB only £5.11
2GB only £7.23
4GB only £11.93
4GB only £12.27
512MB only £4.04
1GB only £7.56
2GB only £12.09

Datawrite Hi-Speed USB2.0 Pen Drive
Datawrite WaferDrive Low Profile USB Drive
Unbranded USB2.0 Flash Drive (with swivel cap)

High data transfer speeds combined with a simple and compact design

Impossibly thin at just 2.1mm, these pen drives certainly won't weigh you down

Features a swivel cap to protect the USB connector when the device is not in use

512MB only £4.39
1GB only £5.80
2GB only £10.14
1GB only £7.43
2GB only £12.84
1GB only £4.99

Maxell 1GB USB2.0 Flash Drive
Verbatim Hi-Speed Store 'n' Go USB2.0 Pen Drive
Verbatim USB2.0 U3 Smart Drive

Clear orange design, allowing you to see right into the inner workings of the drive

With free security software included. Cased in protective, non-slip rubber coating

Carry your applications and personal data with you wherever you go.

1GB only £6.49
1GB only £7.77
2GB only £13.24
4GB only £25.40
2GB only £16.22

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