4GB MP3 Player for under £30


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Just saw the following in my local Tesco Aigo A215 4GB MP3 Player and I think it was around £28 !! No idea what it will be like, but just a heads up.


I bought one of these but don't recomend it. It works fine if you don't want to choose an album to play. The problem is when you try to navigate to a particular album it only alows you a few seconds to find the one you want before it drops back to the prvious menu and you have to start again. Contacting their help system on the internet is a waste of time as they don't appear to reply (I've set up 3 'tickets' so far and am currently sending one daily, I'll probably automate it and send hourly soon).


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We bought one of these Aigo's but took it back as it was faulty.

Tesco (Hatfield) would not exchange it as they had removed the remainder of stock off the shelf due to the amount of returns they had.

Definately would not recommend.
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