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We don't have any BB at home and recently watched iPlayer Dracula which is UHD and fair gobbles 4G data and used much of my monthly Vodafone allowance in 90 mins. iPlayer UHD 2.4K uses 5.4 8Gb/hour at 12mbps, 4K uses 10.8Gb/hour at 24mbps.
So looked at BB. Vf would do an unlimited BB data at average 35mbps for approx £20/month, which is fast enough. Together with 20Gb mobile contract would be about £42/month.
Then checked 4G data speed on phone in house and getting 41-58mbps. Not even sure if that is Vf max speed, but reasonably impressive I thought.
Vf is offering a 24 month unlimited data 5G ready contract for £15 for 6 months, then £30/month.
Seems a no brainer not to go for the faster and cheaper mobile contract??
What have I missed??


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The convention is to use an upper case B for bytes and a lower case b for bits so you're talking about 10.8GB/h for 24Mb/s bitrate, or a 20GB data cap on a 41-58Mb/s service (or Mbps if you prefer).

The main disadvantage of going for a single internet service instead of two is that you can only use it in one location. If you're out and about with your phone then there's no internet at home.


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I've had Vodafone 4g unlimited service at home for around a year. It's faster for me than the fibre broadband, as that was very slow, almost adsl speeds.
The 4g has been good, but it's not as stable as most fibre connections, mine drops out for a few seconds quite often, you won't notice it much watching TV, as you'll have that buffet, but if you're downloading, or playing online games, it's very annoying.

I have to use an external 4g antenna to get a semi decent signal

If I could have fibre, I'd ditch the 4g in a heart beat


Don't forget the higher latency on 4G versus fixed line broadband. Even worse, it will take just 1-2 local bandwidth hoggers/rapists on your local VF mast to bring your 4G speeds down massively, in other words 4G speeds can vary massively depending on the mast load. I would only choose 4G over fixed line broadband if the speeds on latter were very poor.


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The average latency isn't really a big issue these days. I average about 60-80ms on 3G and 50ms on 4G to European servers. Perfectly acceptable figures and similar to what I had on ADSL.

The issue for fast paced interactive stuff like games is more the inconsistency causing latency spikes and packet loss.

It's definitely second choice to a landline for many things, but it's capable enough that you're not going to see any difference for streaming video if your local infrastructure averages 40-60Mbps.


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4G can cause you other issues, as every time the connection drops and re-connects - EG: is idle for a few seconds, it will often acquire a new IP address. This can mess up banking and some other websites as well as VPNs.

Speeds can vary massively, particularly if you are near anywhere that large groups of people might gather such as school pickup time or near a road with traffic queues.

Useful as it is, mobile broadband can't really be considered as a true landline replacement.


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I must have a different 4G...

After 8 months of openreach not fixing my FTTC connection (degraded cable on pole outside) I abandoned my fixed line and went totally 4G.

I get between 40 and 90 down and around 35 up. It has been rock solid over the last 5 months.

Compared to the old 26/2 fttc with daily random drops it’s been a fantastic move.



Great to hear. After all, I didn't bother with fixed BB. Just use 4G. And get good speeds - better than Vodafone 63mbps. And post BREXIT, VF now have a fair use abroad where you can't use more abroad than in UK. So racking up a few hundred GB/month on 4G. I'll never use that abroad!!

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