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Trying to diagnose an issue with a new Huawei 4g router. As per title, I'm getting download speeds far lower than upload speeds (and terrible compared to PlusNet) whilst the upload speeds seem perfectly respectable (and are actually higher on average c/w PlusNet). HD video streaming is very annoying with the image constantly oscillating between sharp and blurry.

Now I fully expected lower, less consistent numbers compared to PlusNet but not 2-5 Mbps (download).. I can do much better than that using my phone in hotspot mode. I could try connecting an antenna but I've found a position for the router which yields 90% signal level according to the app and tbh it would be more sensible to just buy a router with antennae included. The reason I want to keep this router is, amongst other things, it has a very small footprint and the design is perfect for me.

Any input would be most welcome.


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Check your download speeds late at night or early morning. If they are significantly better at those times then your mobile company is oversubscribed at your location. The fact that you can get good upload speeds suggests this might well be the case. In that event you might check out other mobile companies, with PAYG or short-term contracts to see if the others are any better.
Use the cellmapper website to get an idea of your options.

What is your router? If it is one of the later ones such as the B818 it will be capable of agregating multiple channels for better speeds. If you have a recent mobile phone, then that may also agregate channels - (look for the 4g+ icon when connecting to mobile data). Compare the results with that.

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