49SK8100, simplink and hdmi arc


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Dear all,

In a nut shell

I have the SK8100 and nVidia Shield attached. Simplink on. Any other port - the CEC function works great with all but full control of the shield by the magic remote.

The moment I plug the shield into the hdmi arc, I can only control power.

I only realised this issue when I went to hook up my new denon receiver - although the issue persists with and without the receiver present.

I realise that simplink and CEC are fairly non-standard and perhaps it’s a design choice of sorts, but would be grateful to see if anybody else struggled with this. Maybe I’m missing some settings?!



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Yeah probably some kind of CEC conflict, its not unheard of, I've seen others who have had rouge devices cause trouble.

Shield though on the other hand is unusual given its a fairly popular device.

Have you tried the universal remote setup and tell the TV the device is Nvidia Shield, that programs the Magic Remote with more commands maybe it can help. Also try turning off CEC on the Shield and see if the MR can still send commands via IR.

But other than that factory reset TV, unplug for 10 minutes, reboot TV and see if that clears the CEC, issue there is not much else you can do.

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