Question 49” XF90 v 49” XG90


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I was about to get a 49” XF90 but looking at the 2019 range I am confused. Is there any difference between the 49” XF90 and 49” XG90 models? And is the 49” XG90 even a real thing beyond being a rebadged XF90? Sony’s own website has plenty of info regarding the XG95 range but the 90 page is pretty vague.



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Yes it is a real thing and no there doesn't seem to be anything new on it (so in essence yes it's a rebadged XF90 to keep a 49" in the lineup; similarly to the new XG83 series being in essense rebadged 43 and 49XF8505 models. Haven't really checked their appearance; might be minimal cosmetic differences)


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I would guess the main/only real improvement the XG90 will bring over the 49" XF90 will be faster, more responsive Android UI. Otherwise, it seems just about identical.

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