480p support for Europe?


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Firstly, to confirm my config, Im running the Wii through component cables, screen settings set to 480p, displayed on AE900 projector. However only the Wii Menu, Zelda and Wii sports run in this mode (confirmed by projector menu) while VC games and Call of Duty 3 are downscaled to 576i. Its been confirmed by sources in the US that Mario 64 and Call of Duty support 480p.

Can anyone else running through component confirm 480p for these 2 titles? I would like to find out if this is an issue on my end or if there is a discrepancy.


i rigged mine up today via component and what a difference, looks superb now, i tried sports and nfsc and all is 480p, aint tried anything else.


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I've got Call of Duty 3 and mine displays in 576i50 too.



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It's annoying that Nintendo don't support 576p when they could, and that some PAL versions of games (especially third party launch ones) are limited to 576i output.



thanks for the info. I guess the days of noe screwing pal users isnt quite behind us yet :(

To be fair (and i detest NOE), COD3 not using 480P is down to the publisher (Activision is it) and not NOE.
VC games however, are entirely the problem of NOE and Nintendo as a whole taking localisation WAY over the top and screwing PAL users. They should release the best version for every territory. Not just whichever version shipped in that territory originally.
Mario 64 wont be 480P though unless it supported it originally for the N64 which i can't imagine it did.


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Yes I am bitterly disappointed about the VC 50hz/576i but with black bars thing.
As soon as I see what I believe to be a killer VC title in another terratory, I may well import a Wii. Basically the only reason VC excited me was because I missed some gems which didn't get a global release (Sin and Punishment for one)
Trust Nintendo to remind us of the bad old days - I ended up with a US SNES/N64/GC for this very reason.

I'm assuming it comes down to some kind of submission policy - i.e. if they release a new version of the game, they have to resubmit it to some governing body or something.

I want to put some pressure on Nintendo to release VC games globally - what do you think the best way is? Just post on their own forums?


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I think the only way to get any kind of official statement is through the media. If a site like Eurogamer were to make a stink about it I'm sure they could get some response from Nintendo but thats as far as it would go. Whatever there policy is, I'm sure its written in stone.

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