480p NTSC ... 526p PAL ????????



:confused: Have an INFOCUS 5700 and a PRIMARE DVD player connected via component. When using progressive scan from player to projector it only shows 480p for both NTSC and PAL. I have problems with progressive scan picture (PAL) which do not happen when using interlaced output. Should progressive scan on PAL be 526p???? If so what do I do to get 526??? Thanks .. Bob

Peter Parker

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PAL progressive is a reasonably new thing, where as NTSC progressive has been round for quite a while, so it's possible that it's converting PAL to NTSC for progressive output.

I don't know the player, but it might have a menu option which is forcing NTSC in progressive mode, so have a look and see if ther is an 'auto' or PAL' option.



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You didn't mention the model number but I understand that their top model, the Primare V25 is currently ONLY NTSC progressive scan and not currently PAL progressive. This is a passage from a Home Cinema Choice review in their January 2005 issue ( see http://www.hifichoice.co.uk/review_print.asp?ID=2643) :
The V25 is currently only progressive with NTSC discs. But it's been designed for PAL progressive, and the intention is that dealers will be able to upgrade existing players free of charge when the PAL modification has been approved. In the immortal phrase, that should be any day now.

This would explain why you cannot get PAL progressive scan. I wouldn't worry too much though as the Faroudja de-interlacer within your Infocus is very good indeed. In fact, you should compare sending an NTSC signal interlaced and progressive just see how much difference there is between the two. If you send it interlaced, the Infocus will do the progressive scanning, if you send it prog scan from the Primare, the Infocus will leave the signal alone.

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