480i vs 480p over component(madcatz lead)


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Hello to all.
I currently have a samsung lcd panel & am using the madcatz component cable.
In the wii settings I have tried 480i & 480p across the component cable.
In all honesty I can't see a big difference at all between the two settings, zelda is a bit more garish on the 480i setting but 480p isnt a big difference.
Is this how it should be or should there be a pretty big difference between the two settings? I'm sure I read in another thread that there is double the pixels on 480p compared to 480i.
Hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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I found there to be a difference between 480i composite and 480i component. Try plugging your composite cable back in and seeing the difference.

HI craigy
what I meant was the two settings over the component cable, compared to composite the picture is way better.

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480i doesnt run in interlaced on your LCD, your TV will present it like it is de interlaced anyway, presumably when you chose 480p the Wii is doing the de interlacing, so it is correct that there wont be much difference, personally I prefer PAL games at 576i on my Samsung, tested using Gamecube.

If you run 480i on a 'CRT' TV then you will see the scanlines, and a 480P picture would be noticably different, but it was only really in the US that progressive CRTs were popular, in Europe they were about £1200 - £1500 only 3 or 4 years ago, then LCDs tumbled in price.

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