48 inch LG C1, 50 inch Samsung QN94A, Sony or Philips


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Hi there
At first sorry for my English. English is not my native language.
Anyway I'd like to buy new TV. Unfortunately I consider only 48-50 inch option. Of course...space of my room. After reading tons of reviews I try to choose between Oled 48 LG C1 and 50 inch Samsung QN94A. If we forget about money for a moment, which one is generally better. 55 ich Samsung - I don't consider. Although I know it would be better (brightness etc).
Or Sony KE48A9BU and Philips 48OLED806
I mentioned, I only consider the smallest models.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Since the Samsung is gimped at smaller sizes and the OLEDs are not, then there's only one clear winner.
If comparing 55" it would perhaps be more even, but you should also consider you are comparing an apple to an orange.

LCD and OLED offer very different things to each other, one persons favourite could be OLED, another persons LCD.

Differences between one OLED and another are usually in things like smart TV, features and sound. Not very big difference in picture quality. Many people choose LG because they have good smart TV and great gaming features. But someone who prefers better motion may choose Philips or Sony instead.


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Thanks for reply.
55" - I did everything. No way...too big.
I'm not a huge fan of gaming. Occasionally Nintedo Switch (connected to TV) with kids. Often sports and news. As good a sound as possible would be advisable (especially surround sound). Although I know the limitations of televisions.
Smart TV - Android TV - I know it very well.
So if I add one to one...Philips and Sony are winners?


If you like to watch news channels a lot then you should consider LCD instead of OLED. If its occasional use on an OLED, no problem. But extended use of content with static tickers and image can cause damage on an OLED in the long run.,

Sound - I'm afraid one of the areas smaller OLEDs are worse than larger sizes is with built in sound. The TVs in each range that start to have better sound start 55" up.


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I have no choice. Knowing my usage, what is the best choice for me in your opinion:
-Samsung 50QN94A
- Sony KE48A9BU
- Philips 48OLED806 ?
I know the answer is not simple. But what your mind and knowledge tell you.
Once again, Thank you for your interests and your time


It depends how much you watch news channels. If you watch often go with the Samsung. Otherwise you said you like Android, so Sony or Philips OLED is fine.

Also think about differences in technology:

I cannot pick one that's best for you, that's up to you.


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thanks again for your interest. I am surprised about Philips. Couple reviews. Only. But with ambilight, little better sound and award anti burn software should be appreciated more. Is LG more global brand? PR? I ask because prefer Android TV.


I haven't updated the guide but the differences between OLED manufacturers remain the same:

Panels are all made by LG, so differences are small. You could argue LG make more polished TVs with less bugs than Philips, but Philips TVs have better motion processing. If you are looking for the TV to be supported by firmware updates and fixes longer then LG will be better.

On the other hand, since Philips's use Google TV now they will probably see app support for longer.

All OLEDs have measures to reduce burn in, Philips introduced a new technology this year which is said to help, LG have Auto Logo Luminance adjustment which dims logos automatically.

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