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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 31st January 2011.
One of those quintessential 80's action scores, 48 Hrs. marked James Horner out as being one of the most diverse and talented new composers in Hollywood. He proved that he could write for horror, SF, fantasy, drama, whimsy and intense thriller … and all this by the end of 1982, well before he would become highly lauded and award-festooned for his work on some of the most successful movies ever made, and alongside some of the most acclaimed directors of all time.

His main themes are deep, percussive and pulsating with suspense and hard-edged, gut-felt tension. In a way, he hearkened back to the funky action scores of the seventies, especially those from Lalo Schifrin, but he added that delicious and addictive appeal of the steel drums, which lent a unique sound to the otherwise wholly urbanised music. 48 Hrs. would also mark the beginning of a series of scores that would, collectively, come to denote his “take” on the modern thriller, as seen through the 80's vogue for steroid-enhanced mayhem and machismo – Gorky Park, Commando, Red Heat swiftly following suit.

Long-overdue for a release, Intrada put the icing on a glorious cake with the inclusion of the songs from the film by The Busboys and by Ira Newborn, providing fans of Reggie's and Jack's blazing two-day adventure with everything they could wish for to musically recreate the sizzling atmosphere of the man-hunt and its little pit-stops for R & R. Limited to 5000 copies worldwide, this release comes very highly recommended, folks.

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