48-55" New TV - tell me why I need 4K over Plasma?


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Hi All,

My first post, and I hope you can tip me in one direction or another!

I'm currently TV-less and have hankered after a Panny Plasma for a couple of years now. I watched mainly SD broadcast (our old Loewe Nemos was SD, of course), but have a Sky+ dish and dual LNB waiting to be plugged into a new smart TV. Our internet speed is only 6mbps, and no chance in the forseeable future for anything faster.

I'd like to watch Freesat HD, upscaled DVD and use an external HDD as a PVR. Viewing will be directly in front of the screen from 3.6m (just under 12ft). Room is darker than average and has heavy curtains. I have a Yamaha surround amp and will be using some Mission speakers as front with Celestion AV for centre and rear.

A formula I read stated I'd be good for 47-55" screen at that viewing range.

Research has thrown up a few alternatives, and some cracking reviews on the Sansung 4K units:

Samsung LED UE48HU7500 at £1600
Panasonic Plasma TX-P50VT65 at £1400
Panasonic Plasma TX-P50GT60 at £1200

I went to John Lewis and saw the 55" UE55HU7500 at around £2100. It was stunning! Daughter commented "It's an insane TV!". That carries some considerable weight!

Although I was looking for a 50" screen, I read that 4K really could do with a larger screen size. But, with the lack of 4K material and my relatively slow broadband, I wonder if I really need it! I will be getting a GoPro at sometime in the future and it will produce 4K footage. But, apart from that, and YouTube, that'll be all I'll be watching in 4K until the local broadband speed is increased. I am also a little concerned about edge bleed and motion line artefacts on the Samsung. There is a great deal on at Richers for the Samsungs, and the wireless speaker system could be used in the kitchen to stream my NAS storage tunes.

But, but, but, I still return to the Panasonic VT65 family. It's a "smart" a TV as I need, has similar dual Freesat HD receivers and upscaling. This is a reference panel - whatever that may mean. Plus, I can get a 55" with 7-year warranty from TPS for £1800; £400 saving over the equivalent size Samsung. Or £1659 ex-display with 1yr wattanty from wesellelectricals.

I also read a review that stated the GT60 picture was pretty much as good as the VT. And not having 4K means that a drop to 50" won't be a deal-breaker.

Trouble is, plasma is on the way out (apparantly). Spares? Support?

I'm after the best picture possible for watching Freesat HD, my DVDs upscaled through a BD-H6500 or similar, and borrowed Blu-Ray discs.

A bit of a novel here, but I wanted to give what detail I could. Most grateful for your thoughts!!


PS Everyone has answered the same to the question "48 inches or 55?"

Of course, it was 55!
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You don't need 4k, stick with plasma, the VT and ZT are still the best sets IMO, even a GT or Samsung 8500 would be my preference over a 4k LED.
LED back lit sets initially catch the eye in a shop but to me fall down badly on closer inspection.

In my shop more and more customers are commenting on how amazing the LG OLED looks compared to 4k LED and its only 1080p.


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i wouldn't bother with the 4k - they all look good in the shops with the 'marketing DVD's' on - but as Scooby says above, on closer inspection(an reviews) that start to fall down. also there is hardly any content (nor will there be !) - HD isn't even fully rolled out yet !

I would go for the best Plasma you can, and in the future swich into OLED once prices/availablity becomes better.


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Thanks! This is confirming my gut feeling. As soon as I get the £££ available, I'll be on the blower to TPS.


4K obviously isn't about present 4K content.
It's about upscaling present SD and HD content.


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TPS is definitely the way to go, as they will have the VT65 which you can compare with the 4K Panasonic and Sony's - i brought my ZT from them - i was in the same dilemma; plasma or 4K - after viewing the ZT at TPS ( who's tv's are pro calibrated ) i was swayed to buy plasma - the overall picture on a top plasma is still better than a 4K Led - only OLED is better, but until the prices come down its no a viable option for most people.
Also, staff at TPS very knowledgeable and friendly.:smashin:


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Thanks! I have been on the phone, and look forward to taking delivery of 55" of calibrated PDP, a starter BDP and an extra set of 3D3 specs.

Thanks for all the advice. Best I get looking for some BD content from eBay!!

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