47LW550t first impressions


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So I put my Panasonic 42gt20b up for sale and have taken delivery of the LG today.

Well on first impressions......It's awesome and I love it!

So much better having a bigger, brighter picture and being able to use the cheap cinema glasses. Already noticing things that were probably darkened out with the active shutter glasses.

Just running Avatar as a tester!

Great stuff!! Really happy so far!


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Good stuff, glad you like it so far.

I'd be interested to hear how it compares overall.. The pro's and cons between both sets?

Jason Shouler

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No crosstalk at all.

Absolutely no lack in resolution. believe me I would notice.

The only thing not quite as good is the 2D because of it being edge lit and some clouding on black. That's only noticeable on the black input screens mainly with the LG logo.

95% of content it isn't really an issue. I wish I never made myself aware before buying the set lol.

Been reading through the LG thread. What does DSE mean?

Anyhow, all in all I would 100% recommend the LG in place of any Panasonic tv for 3D, well GT and below.

Haven't seen a VT.

Jason Shouler

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What does DSE mean?
DSE = Dirty Screen Effect.

I get it on my LD950 now and again but the good thing is it seems to be limited to low quality video (conveniently :)) which rather suggests it's not actually a screen defect.


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Not slating the Panasonic though to anyone who owns one.

Plasma has a more natural looking picture and the 3d is still good, just a bit more subtle.

I like it bright and in your face.


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Thanks for the input.

I was looking at the LG 55" myself, but then noticed the 50" ST30 is just £599 on boxing day.

Great price for the panny, but £1100 for the LG is still not mega expensive either. Especially as Panny comes with no glasses and 5no pairs would be an extra £200+ on top.


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Richer Sounds or get it with 2 x glasses and 5 year Panasonic warranty for £699 from link now. John Lewis will price match.

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