47LV550T edge light bleeding problem...

Hi Everyone

I just bought lg 47lv550t led tv and spot issue:(
Is that ok or something wrong with the screen?


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Dont look for bleeding on the input screen as for some reason it exaggerates the problem

Try loading a film with black bars top and bottom and see what its like,


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If mine were like that when viewing content it would be going back. Deanos suggestion is a good one.
When watching movie is still visible but less. Only right bottom corner is very annoying for me:) and is more visible when subtitles are on.


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That's worse than my LCD. I'd get a plasma


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Try turning backlight down a tad and put local dimming on high, you can also undo the screw at the back slightly this helped on mine


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Just requested a replacement from Amazon.

Below is the pics of mine. I don't expect an edge lit tv to necessarily be perfect but this is too much IMO. Has a dead pixel too lol.



That does look bad ! Throw it back at them, I take it back light is lowish? Might expect that if it was at 100, try it at 55 to see if it helps?
I have bleeding from bottom left, tempted to send back but with back light at 55 I don't notice it. Plus I don't (not noticed) banding issues.


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I think that's at backlight around 45/50. I can minimise it with local dimming but it still adds a mist over some dark scenes on the corners.

You shouldn't have to have local dimming set to high to have a chance of a decent picture really.

If the new set has half as much light bleed than I will be happy.

Oh, the boot screen is worse than the screensaver though.


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i just bought 47lm6410 and it has very bad edge bleeding .i notced this very first day and call to lg customer care they told me they cant replace this peace they will repair this. now i want to know if u get more then 100000 rs tv and getting this replay from the company .i bought this tv on my birthday and after buying this i feel cheated . what am i do


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if you look hard enuff you may just see it :) total dark room just to see if any leaking on it.

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