Question 47LG5000 upgrading from 3.45

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by Gefen, Feb 6, 2018.

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    I will try to explain the entire situation, and then ask my questions.

    I have a bit old (2009) tv (47LG5000 ZA.beu I think). And I try to get DTV channels. I am able to see all the info for them (current show, upcoming shows and so on) , but not to actually see it (or hear). All I get is the message "HD Services" floating on the screen.

    After digging around a bit I found out that the issue might be the software version, so I found the latest update on the LG site which was 3.54.

    I tried to make the update on numerous ways, formatted the USB, with the LG_DTV folder and without. I managed to get to Tools Option 1 by pressing MENU for 5 sec, and the update page by going to Menu->Options -> pressing '7' for 7 times. But I can't see any file on the usb there.

    I heard somewhere that it might be easier to downgrade the software first to 3.15 but I'm not sure where to find it. I searched quite a lot in this forum but couldn't find a still alive mirror.

    Any tips on:
    1) Handling the "HD Services" message
    2) Upgrading the TV software
    3) Downgrading the TV software to 3.15

    Many thanks,

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