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Hi everybody.

I'll have to buy a new that will be used especially for HD gaming. I am undecided between a 46X2000 and a 55A2000. Both Full-HD sets, LCD versus rear projection. Which would you go for and why? What will be pros and cons of gaming on these two sets? Is it true that I will have to change the rear projection TV's lamp after just an year or so to enjoy the best picture possible on that kind of set?

Any help, consideration or suggestion will be much appreciated. Tnx in advance :)


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  1. Rear projection takes up more space.
  2. Bulky and heavy (Come in a big box).
  3. Can't be wall mounted.
  4. The resolution isn't so good.
  5. The bulbs only last a curtain amount of time.
  6. You'll always worry about the bulb burning out or the picture quality is de-teriating if it's getting a lot of use.
  7. Bulbs are expensive and probably hard to find.
  8. Older tv's had to be callabrated.

  1. Cheaper.


  1. High resolution.
  2. Light.
  3. Takes up less space.
  4. Can be wall mounted.
  5. Nothing to run out and replace.
  6. Good for games with higher resolutions.
  7. Can be left on without any worrys.
  8. Panels have long life.

  1. LCD's are more expensive.
  2. Can come with dead pixels. Warenties are perticular on these. Some have zero tollerance. Find out first. Rare.

I personally would go for LCD. I plan to get one soon possible the new Sharp 52" 1080p.


Hmm, RP doesn't look like a good choice for gaming then. Thanks for your help! :smashin:


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It depends on how much $$$ you have to spend.

If you can afford it go for the LCD. They do look good on the wall.

The new Sharp 52" is supposed to be around £2500 which is still cheaper than the Sony x-series 46".

It's got a new design, I haven't seen a picture yet. Out in September.

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