46WM48P but what DVD and Amp?

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    I have been scanning these forums for months now and have finally decided that I want to get the Toshiba 46WM48P DLP Screen, my dilema now is which DVD and Amp to buy to go with it.

    Before finally deciding on the screen I had settled on the Denon 1905 amp and 1910 dvd player.

    I think I will stick with the 1905 Amp as I am only going to use the amp for the audio and have video from each device going straight to the screen and not routed through the amp, my concern however is the DVI plug on the DVD player.

    The screen only has HDMI not DVI, so will the converter cable from DVI-HDMI have any loss in quality at all or affect anything else that im not thinking of for future proofing?

    My other option would then be Samsung HD945 with HDMI as I do not want to pay out for the Denon 2910 just for the HDMI.

    Also would HDCP come into play at any point?

    Any suggestions/info would be greatful.

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