46w2000 & 830W & Sky HD & Xbox Elite connections?


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Apologies if wrong thread! Please move as appropiate mods...

Ok I have a 46w2000, A 830W Surround System and an Xbox Elite, and Sky HD.

Problem I am having is with sound. I have the DVD system connected via HDMI, and when watching DVD's etc the sound comes through the surround system.
I have Sky HD connected to the TV via HDMI, and a digital optical connecting the Sky box to the Surround system which then gives me surrround sound once the surround sytem it set to tv/sat.
Now I have a Xbox Elite, which is also HDMI. As I dont have spare ports on the TV I have connected it using the supplied component cable.

But the problem now is that I am unable to get sound via the surround system. The only way so far that I have achieved it is by unplugging the opticcal from the sky box, and plugging it into the optical input on the xbox cable.

Question is...Is there another way that I can achieve surround sound via the surround system from the Xbox without having to unplug the optical cable each time I want to play on the console.

Hope the above sounds ok! Noob here lol

Any advice greatly appreciated!


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