46" samsung dlp?'s



I all. Im new here and think I have decided to buy the 46" Samsung DLP TV. I would like some feedback on what you think of this TV, and what stand most of you are useing. All of the stands offered in the stores are two or three glass shelves and open in the back with a narrow wire hidder in the back. We all know that this is not gonna hide the miles of cables comming out of the back of all of this equipment, right? I have talked (suckered) my wife into this but she will absoultly not have wires hanging out the back of this stuff. What are other options such as maybe a real piece of funiture, or a nice enclosed rack system to hold 5 pieces of equipmnet. Thanks!!


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Hey bud you have posted in the wrong room , this is projectors you will be wanting the projection tvs I think its the room above

Cheers Darko
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