46" DLP at Curry's


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Hi guys....

Hoping for some advice..

Basically, I currently have a Pioneer 43HDE which due to repeated problems (and site visits) is going back and I'm going to spend the refund (2500GBP) on a rear pro DLP.

What I'm looking for is a slim bezel 50" model (works out the same size as the 43" pioneer)

Sadly there aren't many options...

Sagem 50 ideal but no HDCP (i have a Denon 2910)
Sagem 45 bit small and side mounted speakers
Optoma 50 No Region 1
Samsung 50 has a massive integrated stand
Toshiba Has integrated speakers

So really that just seems to leave this 1800GBP Samsung at currys

Model - Samsung SP46L3HXX
Product Code - 741514

Looks really nice (altough I'd prefer a 50" version which is only available stateside)

Anyone have one, seen one? Is the HD3 chipset a patch on the old HD2+?

I don't want to buy rubbish.....

any advice appreciated


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Allright so the 45" isn't exactly small, but I want speakers and they need to go underneath (the missus insists)


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The HD3 chip has half the mirrors of a HD2 0r HD2+
in the HD3 chip the mirrors are aranged in a diamond pattern & each mirror is used to adress two pixels on the screen by fast switching.
Most People seem to prefer the HD2+ or HD2 solutions but there are plenty of people who prefer the look of a HD3 chip for a smoother looking picture.
I personally prefer the HD2+ & have an Optoma RD50 & i have over 120 :r1: DVD's which i watch with no problems using a PC.

You have to demo the HD3 & HD2 HD2+ DLPS to see which you personaly prefer

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