46/50" lcd/led, Originally £750/800, now £1K?


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Feb 5, 2007
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St Albans
Hi all,

This is a rehash of a deliberation I had earlier in the year.

Specs from before... an almost 5m square living room, TV will be in the middle of one wall, with one sofa on an opposite wall. The TV location is next to some double patio doors, and also hence from what I've read, the reflectiveness of plasma's rules them out.

Mrs has reneged on her previous veto of big TV's, so there's almost free rein from her point of view. We'd been out today and seen the Samsung UE46D7000 at John Lewis, which we both loved. To be honest, had we not deliberated so much when we came home we'd probably have ordered it on a whim.

We've revised the budget down to £750-800. I might be able to push it for something exceptional. Smart features and 3D would be nice, as this will be an investment for a good few years. We both like the asthetics of the Samsungs.
Not really a gamer, so input lag etc isn't an issue (may purchase a PS3 for BLu Ray and maybe some games if there's some spare change!), nor a massive sports viewer.
If I can provide any more information that might help some suggestions, please just shout.

Hope someone can point me on the way! Thanks in advance...
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Only get a one year warranty and Currys and Comet aftersales

How much are they at Richer Sounds where you can pay another 10% for extended warranty
Yeah, very true about the aftersales etc.
It's £799 at RS, but mentions "Last few, condition may vary". I guess that doesn't fill my with confidence...
Call your local branch and ask if a) they have one b) is it new c) if not what can they do on price - free warranty maybe?

Unfortunately, JL don't have
Yeah, I might give them a call. I think the choice seems about the best from what I can ascertain at the moment. Samsung wins massive points asthetically from the Mrs, which will always be a deciding factor, and seems to be reasonably highly regarded. Just a shame I can't seem to find a bigger than 46" LED under £1K that fits the bill, yet!
Problem is there is a big jump between 46-55" (plasmas are in between sizes) hence the price hike

IF you could bring yourself to spend over a grand at Comet, you can get cashback through quidco to bring the price down a bit (2.5%)
Some Samsungs have high gloss LCD screens... you may need a matt screen if you are concerned about reflectiveness.

Thanks for that. Might take a saunter along to Currys near me and see how they look under the harsh lighting
Take an A4 sheet of white paper and a torch with you... shine the torch onto the side of the paper facing the screen...

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Thanks for that. Had a good wander round Currys and saw first hand the reflectiveness of the varying screens.
The lure of the bigger plasma for the money is quite great, but the Mrs has decided that she really really likes the Samsumg UE46D7000. We did have a good look at the 6100 series, but to her aesthetics plays a big part, and also she wasn't hugely blown away by the 6100.

Still umm'ing and arr'ing, but the 7000 is a very nice TV... my finger is hovering over the order button on the JL website....
JL are good. They will also pricematch retrospectively for 28 days after purchase, they have just done that for me on a set I ordered last week..

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That's good to know, just in case there's a drop of some kind just after Christmas.
Still deliberating. The UE46D7000 does seem very nice, but the idea that I could potentially get a 50 or maybe a 55 (haven't really looked tbh) for the same cash is a bit galling. The room could easily take it, especially from that viewing distance...
Time to start looking at reviews for this one.. Sony KDL55EX723.. the Sony's in Currys did seem to have matt screens too..
Many thanks for that. I guess size isn't everything! The review doesn't seem to come near the D7000. I'm sure the 46" will be a massive step up compared the 32" we currently watch from the same spot, but it's that knowing that we could have gone bigger still I guess....
gah... and here I am hovering at the card details page on the JL website with the 46" D7000 in my basket!
It is a gorgeous set, but on the other hand another 9 inches.. :-S
The D7000 is better - I think there is some issue with the 3D on the 6000 series - look in the LCD & 3D forums for feedback
Might just take the plunge with the D7000 and see how it fairs once its in the room. I see there's a 7 day distance selling clause we could return it under with JL as its home delivery only.....
JL will take back within 28 days if not longer. Keep ALL of the packaging and paperwork intact

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