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46-48" for ~$800US - gaming, blu-ray, HD&SD tv


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Hi all -

First post here (go easy on me) :).

I'm looking for a 46 - 48 inch TV for about $800. Been researching the last couple weeks and I'm just lost in a sea of false specs and countless units. Any help is appreciated.

I will be gaming, watching blu-rays, and watching HD and SD TV on it. The room is well lit with windows and a skylight so Im thinking I want a LED over plasma unfortunately. And I want something with low input lag (the biggest annoyance to me). If I can get something with good aesthetics I would sacrifice a little PQ for it.

I would love the Sony w8 or w9 series but they're too far outside my budget. Samsung's in my price range seem to have great picture but bad lag. I found these two Toshiba units on amazon and I'm really leaning towards them, but they're 2 years old at this point and I just don't know if there's anything better on the market right now:

Toshiba 47L6200U
Toshiba 47L7200U

Thoughts? In in the US if that matters. Thanks in advance, all!


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Just spent today looking around at various stores and comparing to Amazon, displaylag.com, and avsforum reviews. I think I'm going to go with the Samsung UN46EH5300 at Costco for $600. Here's why:

1. Full array LED, not edge-lit. Better blacks and consistency.
2. Can get really bright
3. Always nice to save a few bones. I'll put the extra $200 towards a nice entertainment center.
4. Low input lag. Apparently it's about 29ms. Most of the upper-level displays have lag times in the 40's and 50's. Ack.
5. Smart features will likely be used a lot. It's not a selling feature for me but a nice bonus. We used to turn on the Wii and/or PS3 for netflix, hulu, etc. Now it saves a step.
6. Costco includes a 2 year warranty. My understanding is if your set is going to take a crap, it does so within 18mos. I don't want to pay for a warranty, but that 12-18mo range seems risky.

I'm not as impressed with the aesthetics of the unit, but I can live with it, and it's not worth $200 for a thinner bezel. Well, maybe if I wasn't married lol

I'm buying this tomorrow, unless you can convince me it's a bad decision.


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yes it does as this is a UK/European based forum and the makes and model differ in the US, you would be better off asking for advice on this US based forum here AVS | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Good luck, Curly

Yeah, I noticed a lot of EU being brought up so I was wondering about that. Interesting, didn't know models were different for different regions, but I suppose that makes sense. You guys have a great help section for making the big decision so I thought I would give it a try. AVS is a fantastic resource, but there's no good place to ask for recommendations, it seems like all talk about specific models and technologies. Lots of good stuff there though.

At any rate, thanks for looking and replying anyways!


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Someone may come along who can help, the US will have some brands/TVs that are specific to your country and the main brands will probably have US specific model numbers. specification and firmwares.. anyway the brands/makes that get favoured over here are Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and LG.



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PS. The EH5300 won't be as capable playing blu rays than the Sony. I know it suffers from mild judder.

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