46-47 '' for games and PC utilisation ?


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Hello guys !

I'm new here and I already need your help ... :)
I'm from Belgium and I just decide to buy a new television ...

I've got 1000 euros and I need this :

46 or 47 "
Good input lag
Good for PC utilisation (it will be my second PC screen)

And that's all ... :)

Can you please give me some advices ...
I was thinking about the philips 47PFL7606 ...

And you, what would be your choice ?

Thanks guys and sorry for my english, I do what I can lol

Thanks again :smashin:
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Thanks but I need an LCD television because it will be my second PC screen ...
And sometimes the first PC screen ...

I need this for a 100% PC utilisation ...

Thanks for your help !


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Review here Philips 7000 (7606) review - FlatpanelsHD

this is mainly a UK forum - Philips are pretty minor here hence no feedback (I assume you have checked using the model number in the search function)

Is there an equivalent forum in Belgium or maybe Netherlands?


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Not really, or yes but I don't really have an answer on these forums ...

In my place, what would you buy ?

Sorry for my english and thanks again !


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Hi ilyama,

I am in the same situation as you. Looking for the exact same TV as you for all the functions that you have listed below.

I have narrowed by search down (after weeks of reading) to the following 2:

1) Philips 7606
2) LG LW6500

Philips store had a gaming demo here in Ireland but missed it. I have heard good reports.

PCWorld has ranked the LG as the best TV in 2011 for passive 3D as gives active a good run for its money (within reason, as its not full HD)

The 5 Best 3D TVs of 2011 | PCWorld

Thinking I have decided on the LG, heading to Currys tom to check it out.:thumbsup:


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Do you know the input lag of the LGW6500 ?
That's very more expansive than the 7606 ... (200 euros for my shop)
And philips is better for input lag ... I'm more on the 7606 side for me ... ;)

And something else, in Belgium, we've got LGw650S , is it the same ?

The top 5 is not very important for me , I dony buy it for the 3D, it's just an "extra" ...

Thanks for the help !

LG 47LW650S - Les Numériques
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Yes, 650s is the same, its 650t over here. Its actually 100e cheaper than the Philips here.

As far as I know, input lag is the same if not better on the lg. They both use the same panel, so prop be the same spec.

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