43PUS8555/12 supports Terrestrial and Satellite but can I connect both?

Justin Time

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This TV has both Antenna and Satellite connections. The Home screen shows ‘Freeview Play’ and ‘TV Guide’ apps. Both apps support ‘Antenna’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Cable’ but there is no Cable in our area. I have both Terrestrial and Satellite cable feeds available.

I live in an area where Terrestrial TV reception can be hit-n-miss even though my TV aerial is new and has a mast head amp. My TV is currently connected via satellite because I thought it would be a better and more reliable reception with the Terrestrial cable not connected. The extra channels that Freesat provide are not important to me. I didn't expect the 'Freeview Play' app to work with Freesat channels but I thought the 'TV Guide' might work but it doesn’t. All it does is list about 900 channels which is a nightmare to sift through.

To use the Freeview Play or TV Guide apps I would need to connect the Terrestrial aerial. This would mean fewer channels but much easier channel surfing and it would be nice to be able to switch from Terrestrial (if poor reception) to Satellite channel.

Does anyone know if I can connect both satellite and Terrestrial cable feeds or is only one allowed?

I know I can try it and see but I thought I would ask here first.


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Yes, you can use both.
They wouldn’t provide the two inputs if you couldn’t.

Justin Time

Novice Member
So I can have both cables plugged-in at same time and switch from Terrestrial to Satellite as required. That means I will be able to use the Freeview app. That's great. I'll give it a go tomorrow.

Thank you very much.

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