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Hey all, Im helping a family member out with this new tv.
We were trying out the DVB connection, it works. But the tv guide is horrible, just a jumbled mess of channels that are duplicates, locked or the few ones we are after.

My question is there a way to tidy this up? Apart from adding the useful channels to a favourite list which is what we have done so far.
I've noticed you can export the DVB data? Can this be edited on a PC?

The reason for this is they use an old sky box to watch the free to view DVB channels, why have it if they can watch the same channels on the TV tuner.
So far sthe sky box is just much neater and easier to navigate, just looking to make the TV guide have less a mess with the channel list.
Also the normal ariel connection works fine too, but DVB has more channels we are after


Hey, registered today to say that I've been wracking my brains over this for the past few days.

To answer your questions, yes you can. I've used 2 programs, to open up the exports one called Onka and one called ChanSort, both on github.


I run into the same issue each time after uploading my channel edits, a hand full of channels like Animal Planet etc. are seemingly locked in somehow and will override and replace channels in my updated list when I upload it.
Some channels now also have a * above them instead of the heart and have no idea what that means.

I've tried the obvious things and switched off all channel update features/unplugging from the net but every time these channels are still there, if you have any luck here let me know as I'm at my wits end.

Such a shame the TV is let down by the TV Guide/Channel options etc as they are utter gash.
I don't understand why a simple channel delete or hide wasn't added. Not to mention you can't sort your favourites..


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That's good info to know @Shadowulf

I'll have a look at those programs but if you're having issues after them It looks like we may be stuck until another fix comes out...
I will have a go at some point this week and let you know the result though!

Is a great little tv but yeah the GUI isnt the best or smoothest

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