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solution found. i followed the isp set up listed elsewhere in the forum.
the exact set up must be done , and then the TV switch off n on again.
all seems great now. ?
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What I would advise you to do is first calibrate your screen.
You say your main source is SkyHD. The AVS709 calibration disc will help you get the green wash from blonde hair. As devices to calibrate with go try and get a second hand sensor, I recently bought a Spyder3 for 50 quid. Not the best sensor ever but its good enough. Use ColorHCFR to calibrate with, if you cant find user guides send a reply and Ill look up what I used.

Then, once you have your screen set up properly and you still think the image is not good enough sell your TV and buy something else. I wouldn't go for a LCD based panel again. If money permits get a Philips OLED. I have a POS9002 and I'm very happy with it. If you want to get away from Philips get something in the LG B8, C8, B9 or C9 range. The jump from LCD to OLED is enormous.
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