Question 43PUS7303/12 IPS or VA ?


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Hi Just a quick question, there are a couple of contradictory threads and posts elsewhere.

Is the 43PUS7303/12 an IPS Panel or a VA Panel ? Please and Ta's


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*bump sorry...its one of those keep it/refund decisions, apologies for the bump. If the specs here are right, I'm sending it back, but other sources mention its a VA....nothing in the actual specs from Philips. unless I'm missing something ?


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I see it is available as a deal of the day (22nd Aug) on Amazon for £479 if anyone is interested.


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I remember some talking about the specs earlier in the year and recall something about one size could be IPS, all other sizes VA, but nothing was concrete.


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in the end, all bought on Monday at 580, then the price dropped, cancelled and bought at 479...100 off so its rough with the smooth. is there any technical way to tell....?

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