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43ins toshiba j??22p rpt problem

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by tinker2012, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. tinker2012


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    i really need some help, not very up on the rpt. but i bought one the other week from a catalouge. and now i am really regretting it. i have all the other problems like the blue and pink lines etc, but i am seeing green flashes everytime i move my eyes from one part of the screen to another and this is really getting annoying. i rung the catalouge up and they said ring tosbiha which are closed till tuesday. thing is im not sure if the green flashes is a fault as such with the telly but more that some ppl are sensitive to seeing the green flashes than others, as me and my daughter can both see it but my partner cant. i'm not sure if i want it replacing as if it happens again with the replacement then it gonna be one long farce. but i'm not sure if the catalouge will rufund the money. and a 1000 pound is alot to pay for something i find hard to watch.

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