436XDE no sound on HDMI


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Got my baby at the weekend, very impressed with the picture quality from the HDMI connection.:thumbsup:
But I don't seem to be able to get any sound from the it, I've tried every setting possible on both the player (Pioneer 868i) and the screen, anybody got any ideas.
I've got a seperate amp but just wanted stereo to the screen when the wife/kids wants to play a disc.


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Hi smiffy

The media box needs to be connected to your amp. My one is connected by an optical cable.

I don't know if you can just pipe the sound to the stereo speakers of the screen.



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Smiffy, it appears that the 436 cannot receive audio via HDMI. I did some testing a while back to see what audio works and doesnt, and it seems that the only audio that can be output via the speakers, via optical or analogue is from the Scarts, Front or TV sources, not the HDMI

Your DVD needs to output audio straight to your amp via optical/coax/iLink

Hope this helps.


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My Samsung HD850 will play sound through to my 436XDE but only when set to PCM.

Bitstream audio (ie 5.1) will not play and the Samsung displays 'HDMI Audio Not Supported'.
This is covered by a large number of threads in the DVD forum

Hope this helps



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Thanks guys, decided to take another look at the problem and have got it working.:clap:
Appears that if I've got the amp switched on the audio redirects through the ilink output. If the amps turned off then audio works fine to the screen, obviously only in stereo. I think I read in the manual it will downmix to stereo even if the player is outputting 5.1

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